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I call it ‘The Other FREE EDUCATION’ but this time, it’s happening in your palm. No need for ‘double-track classes.’ Learn from the comfort of your home or anywhere on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Scrolbooks is a web app that aims to provide 100% FREE (digital) textbooks as well as past questions and answers based on the GES syllabus to all Ghanaian students at any educational level especially JHS and SHS students. This goes beyond the government’s decision to print free WASSCE PASCOs for students. This is because PASCOs quickly get outdated and so more money will have to be pumped into printing new books each year.

BECE, WASSCE, textbooks and Pasco for JHS, SHS students

Meaning of Scrolbooks? Scrolbooks combines two English words – SCROL(L) + BOOKS. So basically, you’re studying by simply scrolling digital books on your mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet.


Kelvin Amaniampong - founder of Scrolbooks, Student of Ghanass, Koforidua


Kelvin Amaniampong, co-founder of Scrolbooks is a student of Ghana Senior High School, Koforidua. My inability to purchase all the required textbooks for my senior high education motivated me to design Scrolbooks.

Free education is one of the best things that has ever happened to me but it comes with BIG challenges. For instance, the double-track system where students spend almost 2 months at home. Students like me who cannot afford quality vacation classes and textbooks might spend the whole 2-month vacation without any learning. This is one of the areas Scrolbooks intervene. This is true because most students or their parents have smartphones and so accessing something like Scrolbooks at home is much easier and cheaper than vacation classes.

Another thing that motivated me was the government’s initiative to roll out FREE WiFi in High Schools. This makes learning with Scrolbooks super-easy especially now that we’re allowed to bring tablets and laptops to school not to mention using the ICT lab during library hours to study on Scrolbooks.

It all started when I first experienced Buzzfeed quizzes on my uncle’s PC. Those quizzes were so interesting. I then asked my uncle who is a Computer programmer whether he could teach me how to design my own ‘Buzzfeed quizzes.’

After 2 weeks, I was able to create my own general knowledge quizzes and that’s when the idea of something like Scrolbooks came in mind. He helped with the domain name and hosting and here we are now… Scrolbooks.

I am very glad I’ve taken advantage of some of the little opportunities and made something as BIG as Scrolbooks out of it.

Richmond Ayisi - Kelvin's uncle

Richmond Ayisi – Kelvin’s uncle


1. Scrolbooks goes beyond the government’s decision to print free WASSCE past questions for senior high school students. Scrolbooks offers FREE interactive BECE, WASSCE, NOV-DEC, etc past questions and answers to students of all educational levels. 

2. Scrolbooks can be accessed on any internet device… Mobile phones, PCs or laptops, and tablets.

Scrolbooks responsive on any device


3. Scrolbooks seeks to enhance education in Ghana thereby increasing the human development index.

4. It is 100% in line with the government’s initiative to roll out free WiFi in both high schools and tertiary institutions.

5. Free books based on the GES syllabus can be accessed by every Ghanaian from any part of the country/world.

Scrolbooks can be accessed by anyone anywhere in Ghana or the world


6. With Scrolbooks, there’s no issue of book theft or spoilage.

Scrolbooks eliminates issues of book theft


7. Eliminates the need to print new textbooks whenever the syllabus is revised. This saves parents or students and the government from spending huge sums of money on new books.

8. According to health experts, heavy backpacks carried by students lead to health conditions such as neck pain, backache, shoulder aches, and bad body posture. Scrolbooks completely eliminates these health risks.

effects of heavy backpacks on students


9. The interactive nature and social features of Scrolbooks makes learning fun.

Scrolbooks makes learning fun


10. The fun and social nature of Scrolbooks curbs social media addiction among students. Social media addiction among teenagers is a very big problem. The interactive and social nature of Scrolbooks will get education going viral instead of unnecessary things students spend time doing on social media.

Scrolbooks fights social media addiction


11. Scrolbooks is ‘The Other FREE EDUCATION’, but this time in the palm of students.

free education on phone and pc


12. No need for ‘double-track classes.’ Learn from the comfort of your home or wherever there is internet access.

Scrolbooks deals with the issue double -track classes

13. Eco-friendly: Scrolbooks loves the trees. Save the trees, save the planet. Scrolbooks aiding fight against climate change through digitization of education.

Scrolbooks helping fight against climate change

Climate SOSScrolbooks loves the trees.



14. Scrolbooks can be used to conduct any type of exam.

15. Quick, easy tracking of students’ performance. Makes assessing students easy.